«beazzt is that easy!»

Skating, hanging out, dancing, hiking, partying, festivals, city trips… whatever your videos are about – beazzt makes the most of them – in your style, triggered and driven by your favorite songs.

beazzt sets effects, cuts and edits precisely – entirely in sync with your favorite song, fast and smart. And all this happens directly and safe on your device – none of your video data is uploaded, and no internet connection is needed!

You are just 3 simple steps away from your beazzt Music Video:

Choose a SONG

Choose a song – either from the beazzt music library or pick your favorite track. The livelier and energetic the song is, the more dynamic, fast and snappy is the music video that beazzt generates for you.


Then select the video clips you want to use from your media library. Your vacation shots, some random fun clips, or your latest skating videos – whatever you go for.

Choose your STYLE

beazzt offers you dozens of powerful styles for the ultimate look of your beazzt Music Video. Choose what best suits your song and videos. Stay tuned: we add new styles frequently!

Audio Selection Screen
Media Selection Screen
Style Selection Screen
Video Options
Processing Screen

«How do beazzt Music Videos look like?»

To give you an impression of beazzt’s stunning creative output, here are some inspiring music videos produced with beazzt in no time.

By the way: all beazzt Music Videos are unique – you will never get the same result with the same selection of song, video clips and style.

«We love to hear from you!»

Send us your questions, tell us about your experiences with beazzt, what you like or which features you would love to see in the near future.

Use our contact form or send us an email to contact@beazzt.com and we will answer you within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest in beazzt and your valuable support.